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Joe is a public speaker, leadership coach and alignment advisor. Simply put, he’s in the business of promoting authenticity.

Former chaplain for the Green Bay Packers, Joe has a depth of experience with high profile / high-pressure situations. This experience extends to his work over the past 10 years with U.S. Army chaplains and officers in Alaska, Germany and Washington, D.C. Joe has also served as keynote speaker at numerous corporate events, men’s retreats and marriage conferences.


Throw away your formulas, diagrams and charts. Strong, authentic leadership doesn’t come packaged in 10 alliterative steps.

Leadership is a daily—sometimes hourly—choice. A choice to move yourself and those around you toward growth and alignment.


Joe’s no-nonsense approach is simple, and it begins with rolling up your sleeves. The goal?

  • To truly know who you are
  • To define and communicate what you value
  • To understand how you impact others
  • To inspire others to join you on this journey

Joe’s Process


It starts with a conversation. What are your needs? Whether you’re tackling a challenge big or small—our network of experts can scale to help you accomplish your goals. Contact Joe at or (920) 217-6458 to learn more.

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Authenticity is contagious—once a leader gains personal momentum, their family, friends and teammates join this shift toward personal and collective growth. The results are exponential. Joe is passionate about equipping, challenging and encouraging others to this end.



  • Conference keynotes
  • Breakout sessions
  • Seminars/retreats

Joe works with leadership teams to identify the organization’s felt needs, agree on a focused subject that will address these opportunities and deliver the proposed message.

From a one-time talk to an ongoing conference role, Joe is open to different levels of event engagement.


  • Coaching
  • Alignment
  • Mentoring

Joe mentors business leaders through a two-day discovery process, during which they together identify the client’s core values and consider ways client’s relational landscape influences these principles.

This leadership coaching experience can be scaled for increased results with additional subject matter experts.


  • Professional
  • Personal Advising
  • Team advising

How well to your values align with the people and processes around you?

Through Alignment Advising, Joe helps team leaders envision outcomes and opt into a customized path to help their team reach these goals.

Joe on Political, Professional, & Spiritual Resilience


The Book

The Leadership Deficit

The Leadership Deficit

The Gap Between Strength and Vulnerability

A motivational leadership book and inspirational guide to personal development all rolled into one, The Leadership Deficit is based on the principle that your relational style is the same—regardless of your environment. Offering the knowledge and insight you need to enhance all of your relationships, you’re sure to become a stronger leader because of it.

Author and mentor Joseph A. Urcavich has been influencing young leaders for over thirty-five years. Here he uses real-life examples to illustrate practical strategies that will help you improve the way you relate to the various people in your life. At the heart of his philosophy is the need to think differently about who you really are and understand how this will influence others.

Drawing from personal experience, Urcavich explains how our performance-based society encourages us to try to please others, to the detriment of truly understanding ourselves. Lacking self-validation, we are all in competition with each other for approval, and we end up trying to protect ourselves rather than working to build better relationships with each other.

It’s time to learn a new model for relationship building that will transform your life in every arena.

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Marriage & Family

“Most men would not say that their strength is in handling personal relationships.  Many of us just put on a good front and pretend like we know exactly what we are doing.  We were never taught how to be authentic in our marriages or with our children and our families usually suffer because of it. When I met Joe Urcavich, I was in the middle of a crisis in my marriage.  I had no idea how to “fix” it or even how to get through the day!  Joe never once sugar coated the situation and he was very frank with me about how I could choose to handle the situation.  It was by working with Joe, and my faith in God, that I was able to move from devastation to emotional peace and health.  Our work continued as I let Joe invest his wisdom in me after the crisis was over.  As a result of this work, I not only have a strong marriage, but also a much better ability to work through the challenges of raising three children. Joe’s legacy will be passed down through generations as his wisdom is handed down to my kids and their kids after them.” — Joe DeLisi

“Joe has dedicated his life to the study and understanding of human relationship – the dynamic interaction between husband and wife, parent and child, sister and brother, employer and employee, creator and created that defines our very existence.  Regardless of your stage in life and maturity, his pragmatism will impact you in the here and now.  Knowing Joe has added robustness to my marriage, my parenting and my sense of manhood in ways I could have easily missed, and sadly never experienced.  He has many things to say, so listen up, every word is worth the investment.” —Steve Gerndt

“Joe’s down to earth, hands-on approach to counseling helped us get to the core issues of our own insecurities which had blocked our communication. My wife and I are extremely thankful for the work that Joe has done to improve our communication to benefit our marriage!” — Chris Carlson

Professional Sports

“Joe is a man whose wisdom and authenticity make relationship with him highly impactful.  The love and respect I have for him run deep due to how he built into my life.  I am a better husband, father, and leader from our time together.  I am truly grateful for our friendship.” — Aaron Kampman, Former NFL Defensive End

Public Service

“As pastor of the church where I attended for 18 years and as a close personal friend, Joe has been deeply influential in my growth as a Christian and as a man. He has modeled unconditional love and living life authentically without masks or pretense. His zeal for life and honesty in relationship are infectious!” — Denver Johnson, owner, Psychodiagnostic Services

“Joe has encouraged me, believed in me and provided the tools necessary for my success. He has had great influence in shaping me to be the person I am today and I will be forever grateful!” — Patty Jelen, president, Village of Suamico



“Joe is insightful regarding people and how they work.  He is very systemic in how he sees problems and has the tools to be a great interventionist. Mostly, what makes him successful is that as he challenges people, they consistently feel loved, cared for and nurtured.” — Ken Utech, Utech Consulting

“I met Joe several years ago through a mutual friend , and we have developed a close friendship that spans several parts of my life. Joe has been my minister, family counselor, business counselor, fellow MUS football supporter, golfing buddy and lunch mate.  Joe has excellent judgment, interpersonal skills and insights into relationship dynamics. He can support his opinions through spirituality, psychology, philosophy and experience.” — Bob Loeb, president, Loeb Properties, Inc.

“Joe lead me down a path that truly made me realize what was important in my life. I never expected such a powerful and fulfilling experience. He left me with a sense of peace about the past, present and the future” — Dan Umansky, owner, Acura of Memphis

“Reality.  Sometimes we find ourselves struggling in our current states of reality. Whether for personal or professional reasons, and I find myself in that struggle, Joe is my first source of wisdom and honesty, helping me weigh all options and potential outcomes. He has a challenging but comforting way of guiding me through a (sometimes painful) process of self-discovery, which becomes a catalyst for renewed peace, personal growth, and clearer decision making. Your relationships and businesses will only benefit from his expertise in the areas of counseling, mentoring, and consulting. Reality… check!” — Allison Tubbs, Jackson Madison County School System


“Joe brought his consulting skill and pastoral experience to Beach Church in Myrtle Beach during a consulting engagement during late 2010 through 2011. The church had been growing, but was facing significant structural, leadership unity and church direction challenges. Joe was effective in evaluating the key leaders and diagnosing underlying issues of relational conflict and less than effective leadership practices. He was skillful at working with the pastoral staff and the Elder governance board to implement structural changes, define church values/purposes/direction, and initiate constructive ways of communication to address disunity among the leadership team. Joe’s pastoral experience was helpful in counseling the Elder board, and also in ongoing mentorship of individual leaders responsible for implementing changes. Joe is highly regarded by the leadership group, evidenced by continuing dialog since the conclusion of the engagement. Since the engagement, the leadership and church staff culture has become unified, and the direction of the church has been more clearly established and communicated with the church body. Joe is definitely considered for any new consulting / mentoring engagements that arise at Beach Church.”— Elders of Beach Church

“Joe helped me get where I am today. He took countless hours of coaching me for business, but brought a personal piece that allowed me to blossom to who I am today.

Joe was my boss/mentor for three years and he has an amazing way of letting you see how the past reflects who you are but not allowing the past to dictate who you can become. With Joe’s help and guidance along with Christ, I was able to see my strengths and weaknesses and tackle those head on. Joe helped me tackle the items we all wish to hide in a way that allowed me to realize where I needed to work first and use these things to help me become a better person today.” — Nikki McVay, Highpoint Church

“Joe has a great ability to not only assess a church’s strengths and weakness, but he offers a solid track record of proven experience and know-how to help churches get ‘un-stuck.’  He’s the real deal and you’ll trust him the whole way!” — Dennis Episcopo, Appleton Alliance Church

“Joe Urcavich is the embodiment of living life consistent with one’s values. Over the decades that I’ve known Joe as my pastor, supervisor, and friend, I have been inspired, challenged, and equipped to live a carefully examined life focused on authenticity and relationship –  with laughter along the way! As you navigate the twists and turns of everyday life, Joe is the guide you want on the journey.” — Joan Johnson, Pyschodiagnostic Services


“I count it a great privilege to call Joe Urcavich a friend and a mentor. Joe has a God given ability to get into the nitty gritty of men’s hearts and minds. He is not afraid to ask the hard questions and make men think through what they believe as well as pointing out what is truly of most importance.

There is no doubting Dr. Joe’s intellect and care. His down to earth approach as well as the noticeable respect he has for the individual is evident. I highly recommend Joe Urcavich for your group or event.” — Tom Roy, president, Unlimited Potential, Inc.


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